A breakdown of Gattis’ incredible success as a pinch hitter

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Evan Gattis has homered in four of the first nine pinch-hit plate appearances of his career.  If he maintains this pace and records a pinch-hit appearance in each of Atlanta’s remaining 97 games, he will end this year with 57 home runs, a total that would include the 10 homers he has already hit in non pinch-hit appearances.

While this projection is ridiculous, so too has been everything Gattis has already done as a pinch hitter this season.

With his three-run home run in the four-run ninth inning that capped Monday night’s 7-6 loss to the Padres, Gattis tied the Atlanta record Tommy Gregg set when he recorded four pinch-hit home runs in 1990.  Gregg needed 51 pinch-hit at-bats to record this total.  Gattis has needed just eight.

The Major League record for pinch-hit home runs in a season is seven.  The Dodgers’ Dave Hansen set the record in the…

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