“Why having a beard will help the Mississippi State baseball team go to Omaha”

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Before the 2013 baseball season started, Trevor Fitts, an enterprising young pitcher at Mississippi State, wanted to grow some facial hair. The problem: John Cohen has never before allowed his teams to do so.

Knowing his coach is a frequent user and proponent of PowerPoint presentations, Fitts took the initiative on behalf of his teammates to make a PowerPoint presentation for his head coach.

The story of the presentation came out last week during a discussion about how much fun this team has (and how goofy they are). The loose style of play is what the players and coaches credit with their reaching the College World Series.

And beards. Both were the goal at the beginning of the Bulldogs’ season, and both have now been accomplished.

slide 1

slide 2

slide 3

slide 4

slide 5

slide 6

slide 7

slide 8

slide 9

slide 10

slide 11

slide 12

slide 13

slide 14

slide 15

Thank you, Trevor Fitts. Thank you.





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