TIME Q&A with Bob Woodward on the Washington Post Sale

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On Tuesday Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos agreed to purchase the Washington Post for $250 million after 80 years of Graham family ownership. TIME spoke with veteran Post journalist Bob Woodward about the deal merging a west-coast internet billionaire and the capital’s preeminent newspaper.

How did you find out?
I was aware for some time that there were discussions. I’m not exactly sure [how long] because it came in stages. I’m just not going to be able to say when I had found out.

Were you involved in the negotiations?
No, I wasn’t involved…

Do you have confidence that Bezos can lead the Post in the Internet age?
Yeah I do. I know him a little. He’s an original. Step back: Go to 100,000 feet. What do we need, not in the Washington Post, but the United States news business? We need a renaissance for reporting. A renaissance for reporting where we…

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