David Ortiz, Red Sox Celebrate World Series Title With Massive Bottle of Champagne in Clubhouse (Video)

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The Red Sox’ American League East title celebration was a wild one, but it looked like a sewing circle compared to the party that went down at Fenway Park on Wednesday.

The Sox defeated St. Louis 6-1 to clinch the World Series at home for the first time in 95 years, and the bearded band of ballplayers celebrated accordingly. At the heart of it all was David Ortiz, who capped off his World Series MVP performance by donning a Jonny Gomes-esque helmet and breaking out one of the largest bottles of champagne ever seen.

Check out Papi’s bottle in action in the photos and videos below.

World Series Cardinals Red Sox Baseball

World Series Cardinals Red Sox Baseball

World Series Cardinals Red Sox Baseball

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Koji Uehara’s Son Kaz Says He’ll Celebrate Red Sox’ Win ‘Crazy’ in Interview With Erin Andrews (Video)

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Kaz Uehara, the son of Red Sox closer Koji Uehara, was one of the stars of FOX’s postgame coverage on Wednesday night when Boston won its eighth World Series championship with a 6-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.

He was asked by FOX’s Erin Andrews “How hard are you going to celebrate tonight, Kaz?” He responded, “Crazy.”

There are a lot of crazy celebrations going on in Boston on Wednesday night with the Red Sox winning a World Series at Fenway Park for the first time since 1918. The excitement around Boston will continue for a long time, with the marquee event being the city’s first Duckboat parade since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Watch Kaz’s adorable moment in the video below. H/T to Barstool Sports.

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Party Like it’s 1918

The Miller Sport Update

In their 113th season the Boston Red Sox won their 8th World Series, and became the first three-time World Series champions in the new millennium. It took 95 years (since 1918), but the “Beantown Nine” have finally clinched the World Series at home…again.


In the 1918 World Series the Sox faced off against the Chicago Cubs in the only Fall Classic to played entirely in September, because the season was shortened due to World War I. It was also the first time the Star Spangled Banner was played during  the seventh inning of a baseball game, also due to the WWI.

Babe Ruth headlined the Sox team splitting time in the outfield and the mound.  He won two games (pitching a shut out in Game 1) and did NOT hit a home run during the Series. As a matter of fact the 1918 World Series is one of only 3 World Series eve,r that neither team hit a “round tripper” (the other two 1906, and ’07). Boston scored only 9…

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Jermichael Finley: Fear. Relief. Resolve.

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Interactive: The World Is Falling Out Of Love With America—Again

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When the Pew Global Attitudes project polled French citizens on their opinion of the U.S. in 2008, it heard a familiar story: nearly 60% had an unfavorable impression of America, while only about 40% had a favorable one — levels that had remained steady since 2003.

A year later, in 2009, those levels had flipped and then some: with President Barack Obama in office, suddenly 75% of the French had a favorable opinion vs. 25% unfavorable, a net change of 65 percentage points.

From the day he took office, at least one legacy of Obama’s presidency appeared set in stone: foreign countries like him much, much more than George W. Bush. But in the past three years, more countries have gotten colder than warmer. With European leaders fuming over U.S. surveillance of their communications, it is not out of the question that some nations with return to Bush-era contempt for the…

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[2013ワールドシリーズ第3戦]Thin red line


On obstruction call, Cards walk off for 2-1 Series lead | MLB.com (2013/10/27)
Wild finish offsets rare misstep from St. Louis Cardinals bullpen | MLB.com: News (2013/10/27)



John Farrell explains decision not to use Mike Napoli | MLB.com: News (2013/10/27)

I felt like we had four outs with Koji, four to five outs. If the thought was to go for a two-inning outing for Koji, we would have pinch-hit for Workman the inning before. We were trying to get two innings out of Workman. Once his pitch count was getting in the 30s range, with the go-ahead run on base, that was the time to bring Koji in, even though this would have been five outs. We fully expected him to go back out for the 10th.


Farrell most regrets not double-switching when he brought Workman into the game in the eighth inning — a common move in the National League. Had he done so, he would have removed catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who made the final out of the top of the eighth, and inserted Workman into his spot. Then he would have put backup catcher David Ross into the lineup batting ninth.







いずれにしても、カーディナルスの失策が目立った第1戦以外の二戦は、どちらもギリギリのライン、いうなれば”thin red line”の上を歩いているようなものです。空の上から降ってくる好機という紐なり綱をうまくつかみ、細い線を太くしっかしとしたものにできるチームはどちらでしょうか。

Carlos Beltran in Cardinals’ lineup for World Series Game 2